Sledding For Hope Donations

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Sledding for Hope is a non-profit started by Fernando and Dana Ramirez. The mission for this non-profit is to aid the children and families of a small town in Mexico called, Jalpa Zacatecas. The mission started with Lupe and Graciela Munoz, Fernando’s Grandparents, helping under privileged children and families of Jalpa. Families needed shoes, clothing, blankets, food, medical assistance and other basic needs. The core mission of Lupe and Graciela was to lend a hand to those in need.  After the passing of Lupe Munoz in 2006, Fernando has since been passionate about carrying his grandfathers work and mission. For Lupe, helping people was not something that was to be looked over, it was what everyone should do, help someone in need.

Lupe and Graciela’s mission has now evolved into, Sledding for Hope. Our goal is to carry on the same vision of Lupe and Graciela while placing our own unique talent to it. Our non-profit is partially funded through, Rancho Luna Lobos. Rancho Luna Lobos is a dog sled rescue, touring and professional racing kennel. Our rescue pups have overcome many obstacles in their journey, living a life they now love. They want to pay it forward to helping others in need. A percentage of each tour that is offered at the Rancho, will be donated to Sledding for Hope. Competing at the international level, all of the prize money the team wins will also be donated to Sledding for Hope.

Our race team will be competing in the International Pedigree Stage Stop Race in January. This is the second most competitive sprint dog sled race in the world and is classified as the Superbowl of dog sled racing. We are asking if your company would be interested in helping our mission. A few ways to help, either matching our overall prize money for the Stage Race, or pledging to donate, a sum of your choice, to every mile the race team runs during training from September to the race start in January. We would greatly appreciate any help you are willing to give us.


 Donation Levels

$1- $99 – Sledding for hope bracelets


Donation for Dog Sponsorship’s

$250 – Paw Print and signature with photo of sponsored pup

$500 – Sledding for hope t shirts

$700 – 1 week kids summer camp

$1000 – Sledding for hope  hoodie with kennel tour

$3000 dog sled experience at Rancho Luna Lobos

$5000 2.5 hrs back country excursion

Any donation of any amount is life changing for the children of Jalpa and the surrounding villages! We love you all and thank you so much for donating!!

Fernando and Dana Ramirez.