Dog Sled Experience

  • Most popular! Dive deeper with a more full experience!

1-3 people per sled | 1-1.5 hours


  • 1 Adult: $185
  • 1 Adult, 1 Child: $275
  • 2 Adults: $275
  • 1 Adult, 2 Children: $365
  • 2 Adults, 1 Child: $365


1-1.5 hours



Rancho Luna Lobos invites you to join us for a one of a kind dog sled experience! This unique experience is designed to take you deeper into the world of sled dogs. Our tours will take place at our ranch, year round. Our Guests will now also get a kennel tour, presentation, time to play with the dogs, and set out for an exciting and thrilling ride! Usually two adults and one 50 lbs child can fit per sled. This is the perfect way to experience dog sledding in very hands on way. People can take turns jumping on the back with our musher to get a feel of what it is like to drive the team. This program is designed to show our guests what goes on behind the scenes, and what a typical day includes for a musher and their beloved pack. We want guests to see that there is so much more than just a ride, there are beautiful stories and lives, waiting to share their love with your entire family. Passenger weight cannot exceed 375 lbs per sled.

***We will tour with or without snow. If there is not enough snow, we automatically change from the sled to our safari option (automatic price reduction for safari). Guests are responsible to cancel at least 48 hours prior if they do not want to go without snow, after 48 hours we do not offer a refund.***