Adopt a Dog

At Rancho Luna Lobos we believe in second chances, Sledding for Hope. Most of our rescued dogs come with such a hunger to run hard and fast! They have such a passion to race and get competitive! We do our best to build that confidence and talent to their best ability.

We do, however, get the occasional dog that would just be happier hanging out with their human friends. They would rather hike a little, lay in the sun and feel the comfort of a typical house dog!! They do not mind eating like a sled dog, they just prefer to not run miles and miles on end. So, these are the dogs we have available for adoption. We spend hours, days, weeks, months prepping these dogs to live with your family.  ALL of our dogs are current and up to date on vaccines as per requirements of Summit County Animal Control. Please inquire if interested at [email protected] or call 435.783.3473.

Luna Lobos adoptable dog Harley
Hi I’m, Harley girl!! I am 8 years young and I am a German Shepard and Husky mix. I am very active, strong and have a lot of personality.  Running on the dog teams are fun but I cannot keep up with the crazy huskies.  I hike really well off leash and come when I am called. I can hike as long as 20 miles! I need a home where I can hike with my humans, our run along as you bike. I am great with kids and other dogs. I am a little bossy when it comes to playing games, I feel like other dogs should play by my rules!!

We have 1 more Pyrenees/Malamute/”Wolf” mix. This cuddly pup came from Vernal. We were asked to help find 10 of these pups good homes. They were abandoned by their original owner.

A good Samaritan had kept all of them at his cabin but was only allowed to keep them for a limited amount of time. After which, they would be forced to be put down, due to the wolf mix (Which we have now seen the genetic results and they do not have wolf mix). Shelters did not take them because of the supposed wolf mix. We had them all in our care and spent time getting to work with them and know them.  We were successful in finding 9 of them a wonderful home, but we have one more sweet boy to find a loving home for.

Hello!  My name is Naga! I am all white and look like a fluffy polar bear.  I have an amazing personality and am very sweet. I am altered. I am great with people and kids.  I am 3 years old. I am a big teddy bear, but sometimes I forget that I am not a little dog.  I love to jump up and say hi and forget that my giant body can be overwhelming for a shorter person.  I do love to be with my people and can get very sad and scared if left alone for too long.  I need a secure enclosure to keep me from escaping to come find you.  I just love to be with a friend or a nice juicy bone.  If you are interested you may visit, and walk me around the trails here and get to know me.  I hope to find my forever home soon!