Jr Musher Programs









We came up with this program for JR mushers to come out and see what it’s like to work with sled dogs. JR Mushers get the opportunity to work with the dogs, learn to care for them, and if skill level has proven well, they will get to race at the end of the season. The main goal for this program is to teach life and outdoor skills as well as responsibility in caring for dogs.  Please see below for program dates and times.

  Typical day for the JR Musher:

  • Kennel Assignments and chores
  • Set up of sleds and gear
  • Hydrating and feeding dogs
  • Learn to drive small team of dogs
  • Break down of sleds and equipment
  • Clean kennels!!


Program Options

Mentoring Program (free):

This option is free.  The mentoring program allows a Jr musher to come and learn all about dog sledding and the behind the scenes work that goes into it.  Jr mushers learn all the work entailed when it comes to the kennels, equipment, dog training, and how to put the teams together.  This option is more relaxed on schedules.  You can pick what days work good for you or your Jr musher to come and participate.  Jr mushers will come to help as a handler for tours when available and if we have an open sled can go for rides and take a turn driving the sleds.

Racing Option ($500 per season):

This option costs $500 for the season.  This option includes everything in the mentoring program but adds on 4-6 (skill level dependent) sessions for the season where Jr mushers will get hands on training to drive sleds with a team of dogs (Jr musher is welcome to train their own dog if they meet sled dog training requirements, they can also use our own dogs that we will assign to them).   The goal is for each Jr Musher to feel confident and excited about their skill at driving a dog sled team and to know the sport in depth and all that it entails.  At the end of the season, Rancho Luna Lobos hosts a race for all Jr mushers to compete and test their trail and racing knowledge.  Prizes and awards ceremony to follow after the final results.

Dates for Jr Musher Program 2018/2019:

Mentoring and Racing Program Fall Training

October 20th 9 AM

October 27th 9 AM

November 3rd 9 AM (Time may change due to temperature)

November 17th 9 AM (Time may change due to temperature)

Racing Program Winter Session

December 8th 2 PM

December 22nd 2 PM

January 12th 2 PM

January 19th 2 PM

February 16th 2 PM

February 23rd 2 PM

Race Weekend in Cache Valley (Dates may change, will confirm with race officials in January)

Check in Thursday, February 28th 

Friday, March 1st

Saturday, March 2nd

This is a great hands-on experience for everyone to get their feet wet with the sport. Ages 8 and older are recommended. Please call Rancho Luna Lobos for more information and to sign up 435.783.3473.