Meet Our Team and Find Out Why They Love Being Part of the Pack

Our mushers are all trained by experienced mushers and have experience leading the teams and working with our dogs.

luna lobos owners dana and fernando
Dana and Fernando

Dana and Fernando Ramirez love their huskies and love to run sleds! They have four children Gabriel, Noah, Josiah and Hazelle.

Fernando and Dana grew up in Park City and are true locals.  Fernando has been running sleds for over two decades.  He fell in love with the sport as an eight-year old boy and has never lost his passion for working with these incredible animals.  Fernando introduced his wife Dana to the amazing world of dog sledding shortly after they were married.  Working side by side, they have worked from the ground up to create a unique family operation centered around a positive and inspirational atmosphere.  They believe in rescuing majority of their dogs in hopes of offering them a second chance at living their dreams.  Along with the help of amazing furry athletes adopted from other kennels, they work as a team to train their rescues to run sleds. If they love it, they join their sled team.  If they do not love it, they take their time to find them the very best home possible. They use their unique stories of their amazing dogs to inspire the youth to chase after their dreams no matter what obstacles they may face.  They travel the country, visiting schools to share their inspirational stories of their dogs.

Fernando has raced his teams while growing up and while pursing their company’s dreams. Both husband and wife hope to compete in some of the sports’ most competitive races, with the world championships in Alaska as a near future goal.

Raven R

Raven is a student of life and academics. She is currently working towards a bachelors in communications and a minor in Spanish. She loves dogs of all kinds but holds a special place for huskies in her heart. Raven loves to meet new people and go new places.  She joined the Luna Lobos team in the summer of 2017 to be with dogs and to stay in a job that keeps her active. She loves mushing and plans on competing in races in the near future.

Hanna V

Hanna joined the Luna Lobos team this season. She went on a sled tour in Canada when she was a child and has been interested in dog sledding ever since. After moving to Utah and finding Luna Lobos she decided to give it a try!

During the week Hanna works in Salt Lake City as a user experience designer, on the weekends you’ll find her at the ranch, and in her free time you can find her mountain biking, trail running, skiing and playing in the mountains with her dog Nora. 

Chloe D

Chloe has joined our team this season because of her interest in learning about the sport of mushing along with her love for dogs.  Originally from Florida the mountains and winter season have always drawn her back to Utah. When she is not working for Luna Lobos she is a part time dog walker in Salt Lake City. During her free time you will find her snowboarding, skating, hiking, reading a book, or spending time with friends and family.

luna lobos employee danielle d
Danielle D

Danielle has been with us since 2012. She has been a great member of our team and is a great help with the dogs. All of our pups love her and sometimes treat her like a their personal toy. Danielle, originally from Alabama, has lived all over the world. As a pro surfer, she makes time from a busy schedule to help us out!

Danny C

Before moving to Utah and before joining the Luna Lobos team, Danny owned and operated a dog kennel for 10 years.  Dog sledding has been a part of his life for about 26 years.  Starting with Siberian Huskies, then changing his family’s team of sled dogs to the Seppala breed.  With his family, they began going to dog sled races in South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado.  Being a musher was not at all for the racing, but it was about being close with his family, being with friends, and having fun.  With the transition to Utah, he now has the opportunity to achieve a new dream with dog sledding.  Joining the Luna Lobos team has brought him back into a hobby that he absolutely loves and to work on the touring side of the sport.

luna lobos gmc

Gracie Mae, is our awesome Jr Musher. Gracie started with us during our 2010 winter season when she was 8 yrs old. Gracie has two labs that she has trained to run on her race team. She has entered in two races in the four dog class which is 7 miles per day, for two days. We look forward to see her run many more in the near future!