Public Speaking / Talks

Get Inspired and Chase After Your Dreams

Luna Lobos Dog Sledding offers talks and presentations.

School Presentations:

We have given a large number of talks to a lot of different schools about our many adventures out on the trail and our journey to the Iditarod. We cover all the specifics of feeding, hydrating and training the dogs. We can bring all of our props (Trailer, dogs, sleds) for outdoor presentations, or we can bring a power point presentation for the classrooms.

Motivational Speaking For Students and Student Athletes:

We give an in-depth talk on how we can overcome daily obstacles and challenges on or off the field. The dogs play a huge role on how we can work as a team or as individuals to seize our goals despite what our background is, or our walk of life.

While starting Luna Lobos, Fernando ran professionally seeking Olympic Trials and life-long running goals. He was continuously injured and the injuries finally took their toll. His running career had come to an end mainly because of his self defeat. Even though Fernando has been running dogs from an early age, he gained a new perspective on life beyond the track. Running dogs is a work of art. All of the countless hours cleaning and fixing kennels, prepping their food, physical fitness of dogs and musher, long hours in the cold, day and night, when it all comes together, the dogs running effortlessly through the powder, it is a work of Art. That is life at its finest. Fernando’s loss in running became his greatest gain in dog sledding. Never giving up and always moving forward.

Each dog comes from a different background before entering our kennel. Some are running stars themselves. Some were abused and took years to come around. Others were born into the kennel and are the pranksters. All the dogs, regardless of where they came from, all form a perfect line of imperfection to create something so unified. That to us, is how life works.