Rancho Luna Lobos

Rancho Luna Lobos is home to Luna Lobos Dog Sledding. At the Rancho, we do not limit what we do here to just running our dogs.

We offer a variety of activities and package options.  Our Rancho is a family owned and operated venue. Everything we do here, is because we love our animals and our land.  We love having the opportunity to share our passion from our family to yours.

At the Rancho we offer:

  • Kennel Tours
  • Birthday Parties
  • Archery
  • Private Parties
  • Kids Camps
  • Farming
  • Story Telling
  • Dinner in our Tipi
  • Mushing Classes
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Tipi advenutres

Birthday Parties:
Come celebrate your birthday party with the sled dogs! Learn all about the dogs and spend all the time you want playing with them. We have our birthday Tipi everyone can relax, eat food and listen to some adventurous dog sled stories!

Our Obstacle course, The Iditarod Challenge, will be a test to see if You can be an Iditarod Musher!! The course can be set up in relay teams, or full length timed competitions. Visit the dogs and get a real hands on experience with our experienced team of sled dogs. You can get to know the dogs, harness, hitch and see the dogs off for a demo ride.

Please call the Rancho for more information or visit our online booking to see a full list of activities and packages options!!

(435) 783-3473

4733 Browns Canyon Road, Peoa, UT